Alberdingk Boley Emulsions Facility Old World Project

Wellman, Inc.
Florence, South Carolina
Energy Management Project

Perigon provided Electrical Engineering support in the areas of energy management, sub-metering justification, selection and application of ASD systems and power quality issues. Upon completion of the project, the client saw an 8% reduction in energy consumption (BTU per pound or product) which was a 16-to-1 payback on Perigon's engineering costs.

The Perigon approach provided input and guidance for establishing an energy management process aimed at achieving measurable financial goals while installing a level of control and accountability

  • An 8 % reduction in energy consumption, BTU/lb of product, at the same production rate
  • A 16 to 1 payback on Perigon's engineering support costs
  • The techniques and technology employed established an on-going process which yields increasing annual savings well into the future