Invista Packaging Automation Projects

Industrial Piping, Inc. - Pineville, NC
EDRI Engineering - Chengdu, China
Hoku Material Facility - Pocatello, Idaho

Perigon worked closely with EDRI Engineering in Chengdu, China supporting structural and mechanical engineering for a Chinese owned polysilicon manufacturing facility built in Pocatello, Idaho. Perigon worked with EDRI engineers to design in accordance with the state and local code requirements as the "responsible charge"engineer.

EDRI is a Chinese engineering group owned by Hoku whose parent company is Baoding Tianwei Group. Perigon also supported construction on site back in the US.

Perigon was a sub-consultant to Industrial Piping Incorporated ( IPI ) a US General Contractor with whom we have a long relationship. IPI and Perigon engineers worked at the EDRI offices and followed the project through construction in the US. IPI built skids in controlled conditions inside their shops and finished installation in Idaho.