Sara Lee Bali Distribution Center Freightliner Line 1

NGK Ceramics, Inc.
Mooresville, North Carolina

NGK manufactures the substrates for automotive and truck catalytic converters. Since 2002, Perigon has executed dozens of projects related to facilities improvements for the NGK Ceramics plant in Mooresville, NC. We have primarily provided architectural, structural, HVAC and electrical design services to support their process expansions and modifications.

Recent Representative Projects

  • Railway Unloading Walkway
  • Plating Expansion
  • Plating Process Expansion
  • Admin Building Evaluation
  • Silo Support Modifications
  • Mezzanine Vibration Study
  • UCT-2 Absorber Foundation
  • Tower Bracing Modifications
  • Safety Plan
  • Code Review Kiln & Powder Areas
  • Soot Room Estimate / Engineering
  • Kiln Building HVAC Study & Fan Relocation
  • Phase 9 and 10 Building Expansions
  • Mixing Silos / Kiln Building