Old World Project National Starch Zephyr

Renewable Energy Corporation
Temperanceville, Virginia
BioMass Waste to Energy

48MW Thermal to Electricity

Perigon provided engineering and design for the conceptual phases of three different Biomass Gasifier Facilities scenarios which were designed to convert Poultry wastes into steam and electricity to be utilized by adjacent Processing Plants. The projects involved extensive scope development and logistical planning on behalf of the client Renewable Energy of Australia.

One project was to generate 60,000 lbs/hr of steam, a second project was to generate 120,000 lbs/hr of steam, and the third project was to utilize a steam turbine to produce electricity. In addition to converting waste to energy, the process also created an ash by-product utilized in commercial fertilizer.

The process met all environmental, operational, and logistical requirements.

  • $5MM, $8MM, and $11MM TIC respectively
  • Process, Mechanical, Piping, Electrical, Instrumentation
  • Fuel Conveyors, Proprietary Gasifier, FD Fans, Waste Heat Boilers, Steam Turbine Generators, Utilities
  • Coordination with area Utility, Chicken Growers, and Chicken Processor