Perimeter Wall Installation for Floodwater Protection
Large Manufacturing Facility
Colombia, South America

Perigon provided owner's representation including construction and engineering oversight for flood protection of a large manufacturing facility in South America. During flood events manufacturing assets will be protected from raising waters by closing designated isolation valves and specially designed flood doors including overhead loading dock door closures. The project was completed on a very aggressive schedule within budget.

02/23/11 Perigon's International Flavor

Jason Galloway, one of Perigon's Civil Engineers, on a project assignment in Bogota, Colombia
Perigon's Levan Ayrapetyan, Senior Structural Engineer, on assignment in China Levan

01/03/11 Indulor America selects Perigon as engineer for first US operation
Perigon has been contracted by Indulor America to provide engineering and design in support of their first US manufacturing operation. Indulor, a German polymer-maker, purchased an existing property in Graham, North Carolina which will serve as a US distribution hub. Modifications to allow installation of manufacturing operations at the site in accordance with US and local code requirements are being designed in a collaborative effort between Indulor corporate and Perigon engineers. Perigon chemical, mechanical, civil, structural, electrical and process automation engineers are involved in design of the new manufacturing operation for the site.

12/15/10 Perigon Completed Manufacturing Plant Design
Perigon provided all engineering and design for a new 91,500 sf manufacturing and distribution facility for Henkel Corporation. Perigon's design scope of work included civil, structural, architectural, mechanical, electrical, and process piping design. Civil design for the project encompassed 13 acres of virgin property requiring a new entrance road, a major stream crossing, and storm water management. A three-hour fire rating was required between the warehouse and building occupancies which include employee locker rooms, lunch canteen, and management offices. The plant, which manufactures electronics-related adhesives, met budget and schedule parameters.

Perigon provided selected mechanical, electrical, and structural engineering for the project.

9/17/10 Perigon a resource for German companies
Perigon has repeatedly provided a US engineering resource to European companies, particularly German, who wish to duplicate or add domestic production in the US. In working with existing processes, it is critical that piping and instrument diagrams ( P&ID'S ) be Americanized to comply with US and local codes. Perigon chemical engineers work closely with their European counterparts to assure that specific process considerations, such as venting for pressure relief, containment of environmentally regulated materials, and required pressure vessel documentation is considered. Perigon electrical engineers assure not only that dependable power is provided in compliance with electrical codes, but also that areas within the facility are evaluated for proper hazard classification. Mechanical and piping engineers suggest materials, equipment, and values suitable for the process. Process automation engineers specify controls and configure programs for controlling recipes required for quality production and repeatability. Of course, civil, structural and architectural engineers design structures, ventilation systems, and utility systems needed to contain the process/ manufacturing components.

Privately held German companies like Alberdingk Boley and Indulor have found Perigon to be more than just an American engineering resource, we are their engineer in America.

4/1/09 24 MW Peaking Facility On Schedule
Perigon has successfully completed detailed balance-of-plant engineering and design of a 24 MW Gas-fired, Simple Cycle Power Peaking Facility in Monroe, NC. The project has moved to the construction phase and is on schedule to provide peak power generation late this summer.

10/30/08 Perigon Awarded 24MW Peaking Power Plant Design
Perigon was awarded the engineering and design contract for a new dual feed, 24MW Simple Cycle Peaking Power Plant to be located in Monroe, North Carolina. Our services will include electrical, civil, structural, mechanical, and piping engineering/design including Construction Administration.

10/03/08 Did you know...
Arc Flash Study - Corporate Experience
Perigon has completed NFPA 70E compliant arc flash analysis projects for manufacturing facilities for over six years, with over 30 completed projects. Typical analysis starts at the utility point of delivery, and includes the main transformer, switchgear, all MCC's, busducts, and panelboards 100A or greater. Cases involving large motor contribution and regenerative systems (e.g. dynamometer) should be analyzed, as well as specialty applications such as data centers with numerous backup and emergency circuits.