Our Key Capabilities
Code Compliance and Permitting Project Management

Information Technology

Our Information Technology department is comprised of experienced individuals who keep current on the latest trends in order to enable people to easily and securely access the information they need. Capitalizing on a combination of that learning and experience with both Perigon and client networks, this group is able to design, implement, and maintain computer systems and data, provide solutions for efficient development of end-user systems, and secure connections for both internal and wireless mobile access.

Technical Services
  • Engineer, design and develop information technology data and communications systems
  • Design and develop systems, methods, practices, and procedures for operation and performance of data and communication systems
  • Install and deploy hardware with fully configured standard software installations
  • Assist in maintenance and service issues
  • Research, evaluate and specify hardware and software for usability and compatibility in and with designed and employed data and communication systems
  • Assist in procurement of hardware and software
  • Coordinate design, development and maintenance of Intranet and Internet WEB sites
  • Coordinate training curricula for workshop sessions to educate system users on operation of both hardware and software.
Administrative Services
  • Supervise Information Technology staff in their roles of development, implementation, and support services
  • Coordinate regular staff meetings and planning sessions for continued design and development strategies
  • Coordinate development and implementation of education and training
  • Administer IT-related vendor supply contracts and relationships, and negotiate pricing agreements.